Calculators for individual courses

The website provides the score calculators prepared especially for individual golf courses.


Stroke Play score calculators

The calculator computes individual golf round scores after entering tee name / color, player gender and number of strokes per hole. Each calculator displays:

After switching to the “Round for Initial Handicap purposes” mode, the calculator computes the Stroke Differential for the round played to obtain the Initial Handicap Index.


Match Play score calculators

The calculator computes the result of match after entering the tee name / color, the gender of the players and the number of strokes for each hole. The calculator displays:


Available calculators

At the moment, calculators for golf courses listed below are ready for use:

Poland – Lisia Polana – 18-hole Stroke Play (in Polish)

Poland – Lisia Polana – 18-hole Match Play (in Polish)

Turkey – Sueno Golf Club – Pines Course – 18-hole Stroke Play

Turkey – Sueno Golf Club – Dunes Course – 18-hole Stroke Play


If you would like to add score calculators
designed for your favourite golf course,
please let me know.


Additionally, the calculators allow setting the net play from an partial handicap (e.g. 1/2 HCP, 3/4 HCP) and adding the determined value of Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC).

Of course all calculations are based on the current course ratings (CR, SR) and they comply with the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping.


Finally, do not hesitate to submit your comment / impression via the “Contact” page.


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