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Round score calculator for golfers

Match Play scoring

Match Play scoring and handicapping differs from the better known Stroke Play format. The basis for the Match Play round scoring is the number of holes won by the player (or team). In this format, the player who has fewer strokes per hole than his opponent wins the hole. The player with the most holes

How to calculate an Initial Handicap Index

The Stroke Play score calculators have been enhanced with a feature that helps to calculate and allocate the Initial Handicap Index. To activate this function, just enable the “Round for Initial Handicap purposes” option in the calculator. Then, Club Administrators can use this mode during allocation the Initial Handicap Index to new players. Try this

Score of a golf round

Scorecard.okrasa.eu webpage includes calculators to compute the golf round score played on any course. It calculates: Strokeplay score (gross and net) Stableford points Par Competition score (gross and net) WHS results: Adjusted Gross Score and Stroke Differential Please use the main or sidebar MENU to find the suitable calculator. At the moment the first three